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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Wiretapping" or "Monitoring"

Given the "confusion", deliberate or otherwise, over Trump's tweet regarding Trump Tower's being "wiretapped", this earlier post bears repeating.
This cuts right to the marrow of Trump's claim that Obama listened into his conversations at Trump Tower or elsewhere.
Recently, Judge Napolitano beautifully explained that on the strength alone of a phonecall, a President can direct the NSA to "monitor" conversations of any US Citizen, presidential candidate or otherwise. No FISA warrant needed.
But this also means that President Trump can order NSA to divulge to him any and all transcripts of his conversations which may have been ordered by Obama, an Obama order which would have been blatantly lawless and unconstitutional. Let's hope Trump has those transcripts.
Though there is a deliberate Liberal attempt to confuse the public by asserting that wiretaps can be condoned only with a FISA court warrant, what the Libs AREN'T telling the public is that "wiretapping" and "monitoring" are two different activities. Wiretapping requires a FISA warrant, but NSA monitoring does not. And the brighter ones among the political class know this. Trump may have used the term "wiretapping" in an effort to encompass both "wiretapping" and "monitoring", an excusable literary "offense".
The more I read about the burgeoning Obamagate, the more certain I am that heads could roll. And if proof is forthcoming--which could be very easily produced-- that Obama did, in fact, order the "monitoring" (not "wiretapping") of Trump's campaign conversations, this could blow this thing wide open. And none too soon, as I see it.
Of course, snarky lib stooge Shep Smith of FOX (yes, FOX) is piling on Trump for his tweet's use of the term "wiretapping" vs "monitoring". He's also denigrating Kellyanne and Sean Spicer for drawing a distinction between the two terms.Very unhelpful.
Let the games begin! Public beheadings are so very entertaining.
Finally, let's just hope Trump's claim of being wiretapped and/or monitored isn't found to be without foundation. Not good for the President's credibility. We shall see....

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