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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Trump's Infrastructure Spending Plan is Grossly UNCONSTITUTIONAL

FELLOW TRUMP SUPPORTERS won't like this, but that's the way it goes sometime.
Over and over again, I have appealed for a restoration of constitutional order. Central to that appeal is the requirement that we each--despite our proclivities or political persuasion--faithfully adhere to the Constitution, a tall order in this age of relativism and self-destructive bread-and-circuses giveaways.
While I appreciate the need for repairing/modernizing/upgrading our "infrastructure", point to any article in the Constitution which permits the federal government to fund such projects. (Neither Art 1, Sec 8, the Necessary & Proper Clause, the Commerce Clause nor the terribly misinterpreted Welfare Clause permit it.)
In short, there are some campaign promises not worth keeping--especially if acting on those promises violates the Constitution one is pledged to uphold.
You need but to review the words of James Madison, "Father of the Constitution", in his message to Congress in 1817 which accompanied his veto of just such an infrastructure bill by pointing out that the Constitution disallows such federal expenditures.
Except for "post roads"--and I suppose, with tongue-in-cheek, we could stretch that definition to encompass the interstate highway system over which many federal postal deliveries are made--Congress has no business whatsoever financing the repair and upgrading of bridges, airports, etc. NONE!!!! ZERO!!!! NADA!!!! There simply is no authority in the Constitution to permit the feds to do this. (To enable Congress to fund such projects would require a constitutional amendment.)
So, where does the rightful authority to rebuild infrastructure lie? The individual States and the private sector!! NOT the federal government!!!!
In short, if we, as patriots, really do support the Constitution, then, in good conscience, we cannot support Trump's infrastructure expenditure plans. It is not only profligate; it is in violation of the Constitution. Don't like what I'm saying? Then listen to the Father of the Constitution. Don't like what he has to say either? Then the Constitution is, at best, an irrelevance to you. And so goes the republic...
Let's not repeat in any way Obama's lawless infrastructure nightmare. Time to draw a line in the stand. It's time to stop such gross violations of the Constitution here and now.
Though they sure as hell act that way for most of the time, States aren't helpless or without financial resources. They can and SHOULD work with the private sector to upgrade infrastructure within their sovereign territories. The federal government is NEVER the answer in such matters.
We continue to surrender our authority to Leviathan at our own peril. More debt and less liberty.
Exactly 200 years ago today, President James Madison vetoed the Bonus Bill of…

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