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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disinformation Campaign by Lawless Sanctuary City Mayors Underway

Plotting to thwart DOJ's plan to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities which are blocking ICE's lawful attempts to detain criminal illegal aliens, the shameless legal parsing and disinformation among leftist mayors has begun.
Now these silly mayors are insisting that the federal and local definition of "sanctuary city" is in conflict and that, therefore, a correct definition must be decided upon before DOJ may legally act. Really? Just how stupid do these nitwit mayors and sheriffs think we are?!?!?
Who cares what the definition of "sanctuary city" is. What matters is that these mayors are breaking current federal immigration law by harboring criminal illegal aliens! The definition of "sanctuary city" is utterly irrelevant, and they damned well know it!
Lets hope the Administration doesn't play these mayors' silly, dangerous game. JUST ENFORCE THE LAW, Attorney General Sessions--even if it means indicting these mindless mayors and sheriffs who are wantonly violating the law!
Come on guys. This is a no-brainer. Don't blow it again. PLEASE!!!!

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