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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Article V Convention of States Dangerous and Unnecessary

To those of you who so passionately believe that the answer to big government tyranny is an Article V Convention, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ this Wisconsin pastor's perfectly clear, concise and persuasive explanation as to why an Article V Convention is not only fraught with peril but is utterly useless.
Like many others smarter than I, I have said over and over again that merely rewriting the Constitution is, of and by itself, a meaningless exercise.
Why are Article V adherents so convinced that an amended Constitution will be in any way honored any more than is the current Constitution? AS WRITTEN, the current Constitution contains ALL--that's ALL--the remedies needed to checkmate an overweaning, tyrannical federal government. BUT, if we, the People and the States, are incapable or unwilling to exercise our Rights and our 10th Amendment authority to exercise those remedies, then what good is ANY Constitution, amended or otherwise?
Christian pastor and author Matt Trewhella, echoed my sentiments before my own state representatives a couple of years ago, when he confronted his…

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