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Saturday, April 1, 2017

State Funding of Abortion Providers Rule Reversed

Unsurprisingly, shameless RINOs Collns of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska broke ranks with their Republican colleagues in the Senate and voted against rescinding Obama's regulation which prohibited States to deny federal funds to abortion providers. To the rescue again, VP Mike Pence cast the deciding vote which mercifully quashed Obama's imperious, lawless regulation.
Again, nowhere in the Constitution (Art 1 Sec 8) is FEDERAL funding of abortion authorized, much less federal funding by and through the States themselves. Therefore, per the 10th Amendment, withholding funds for abortion purposes rests squarely and solely with the States. The States shouldn't have slavishly accepted federal dollars to support abortion in the first place. On the flip side, if States want to fund abortions with STATE funds, they are within their lawful authority to do so.
Thus, since the States have sway over such issues, this needless, albeit important, vote in the Senate was totally avoidable. Tragically, however, for some time now, the heavily bribed States have been effectively coerced by the feds NOT to assert their sovereign authority in such matters, and in this case the Senate had to bail them out.
Now to rescind, among other grossly unconstitutional federal actions, e.g. Roe v Wade and the "Supreme" Court's ruling that same-sex marriage is the law in the land. Insane!!!!!!
IN ALL MATTERS GOVERNMENT, folks, don't be confused by the political chatter, parsing, pervasive ignorance and disinformation. READ THE CONSTITUTION and let the Constitution alone be your guide--not a gaggle of dimwitted or otherwise unprincipled, self-serving politicians!. No need to get bogged down and addled with the political class's charades and gamesmanship. The Constitution IS the Law of the Land!!!!!! BUT only if we each want it to be. And that remains to be seen.
"Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize ..."

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